WAGNER TAILS: At-home dog training lesson

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 8:17 PM CDT
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Owner of emBARK and certified dog trainer Heather Mishefske teaches a trick that's easy for you to teach your dog at home.


So today, we're gonna do a trick that is a function. It's a wrap. So we're gonna teach the dogs to wrap something.

This is super easy for you to do at home because you don't really need anything. You can use anything you find in your garage.

Today, I have a cone. I also have a tree. We're gonna practice on a jump. You can really have them wrap anything, and we look at this

as a functional trick. So they're gonna learn something. The other things that they're doing is they're learning to push off their rear.

So if you've ever taken agility class, this is a fundamental skill for agility. So they have to learn to utilize their rear end to kind of go around something.

So not only is this a fun trick, but it's useful especially as your dog gets older to learn to utilize their rear end.

So I'll show you how we're gonna start. So Ridge is gonna come by the cone. I'm gonna have a treat in my right hand.

I'm gonna lure him around the cone, and then pay him. Then maybe I'm gonna go on my left. So Ridge is on my left.

I have a treat right to his nose. I'm gonna lure him around the cone, and then pay him. So right side was lure and letting him nibble as he goes around.

The minute he goes around I'm gonna pay him with the treat I have in my hand. Once you've mastered that, you can start sending the dog.

So that gonna look like this. I'm not gonna lure him, I'm going to send him and reward him.

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