WAGNER TAILS: Erin, Pop, Little Black and Diana

CHIPPEWA & CLARK COUNTIES, Wis. (WEAU) -- Erin, Pop and Little Black are three adorable cats at the Clark County Humane Society.

According to staff members, black cats always seem to be adopted more slowly... but say these three are just awesome!

They are all living in Kitty City at the shelter so they're well socialized, cuddly and playful.

They love to be with people and get along great with other cats.

Erin is about six months old, Pop is about two years old and has a gorgeous silver undercoat, and Little Black is about 11 months old.
Each would make a great addition to any family!

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This gal at the Chippewa Humane Association loves to play fetch!
Diana will play until she can't run anymore.

She is a two-year-old staffordshire mix.

Diana can be a little shy at first, but it usually doesn't last long and she loves children.

She's been at the shelter since January and is hoping to find her forever home soon.

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