WAGNER TAILS: Kit Kat and Frito & New Moon

CHIPPEWA & CLARK COUNTIES, Wis. (WEAU) -- Kit Kat is a seven-year-old tabby cat with white trim.

She's a bit of a big girl weighing in at just more than 18 pounds!

Staff at the Clark County Humane Society joke they think she's maybe had a few too many "Kit Kats" in her past!

All joking aside... Kit Kat is ready to find her new home after her previous owner had to go into a nursing home.

Her favorite past times are belly rubs and watching CCHS staff play with cat toys.

This gal is a bit of a diva and plans to be the queen of her new home, so she'll do best as the only cat.

Kit Kat knows there's a velvet pedestal waiting somewhere out there for her!

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Two, seven-month-old kittens -- Frito and New Moon -- have what's known as "wobbly kitten syndrome."

They have a mild case and walk in circles once in awhile and bob their heads when they get excited.

Frito and New Moon did not have the best start in life, but with lots of nursing and love from their foster, they grew into beautiful kittens that can eat and use the litter box on their own.

These two know their limits and won't climb up too high, but can't be around stairs because they lack the coordination to go down them.

Staff with the Chippewa Humane Association say Frito and New Moon must go home together because they're bonded. They're active just like other kittens and do all right with dogs.

They just need a home where they can be themselves and get lots of snuggles.

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