WAGNER TAILS: Minalynn, Cutie, Nom-Nom & Seal, Papaya

EAU CLAIRE & ONALASKA, Wis. (WEAU) -- Three little ladies: Minalynn, Cutie and Nom-Nom are sisters by circumstance.

They all came in to the Eau Claire County Humane Association on different dates as strays.

Minalynn is the oldest at around sixteen weeks. She is also the most shy of the bunch.

Her coat is tortoiseshell and she loves to play with her sister cats.

Cutie is the grey tabby with extra toes on her front paws, affectionately referred to as mittens. She is about 14 weeks old and loves to play with wand toys and explore!

Nom-Nom is also about 14 weeks old.
She loves to cuddle and will jump right up under your chin and give kisses.

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More kittens are available at the Coulee Region Humane Society!

The one with white paws is Papaya.

She's an eight or nine-week-old kitten that loves attention and exploring.

She's fearless when it comes to other cats and should adapt well to almost any home.

Seal is the all black kitten. He's an eight-week-old who loves to cuddle and snuggle up against your cheek.

He's a little more timid of the two but loves to run and play.

He's also a major chow hound when it comes to his nightly dinners.

Both of these strays would do great with other pets and kids.

They will need lots of toys and room to play in their new home.

They will not be adopted out together as they are not spayed/neutered yet.

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