WAGNER TAILS: Puppies and Haley

DUNN & BARRON COUNTIES, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Dunn County Humane Society is accepting applications for nine puppies!

There are seven boys and two girls in the litter.

The mixed-breed puppies will be ready to head off to their forever homes at the end of February.

These adorable little balls of energy will be wonderful pets - but as with all puppies, will need patience and positive training to flourish.
If you think you are up for the challenge - fill out an application with the Dunn County Humane Society.

For more information on how to apply to adopt the puppies, click here.
Haley is a three-year-old husky mix. She is super fun, friendly, and goofy.

Staff at the Humane Society of Barron County say Haley loves to bunny hop, dance, snuggle and play in the snow!

Haley does great with other dogs, but she's not a huge fan of cats.

Haley is quite the character and the Humane Society of Barron County staffers say they love her goofy wigglebutt!

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