WAGNER TAILS: Sally & Wendy and Storm

CHIPPEWA & CLARK COUNTIES, Wis. (WEAU) -- Sally & Wendy are two adorable sisters.

They are lab/pit mixes and are 11 weeks old.

Wendy is the one with more tan coloring.

The Clark County Humane Society say they are sweet and happy puppies.

They love to play with their toys and really enjoy doggie treats, but most of all they love to be with people.

Sally and Wendy crave attention and will be happy to snuggle with you too.

Their brother Cooper is back at the shelter, too.

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Storm is a one-year-old husky mix.

The Chippewa Humane Association says he's a very sweet boy who loves everyone he meets.

Storm likes to play in the yard, and he's an active boy.

He is just a big, lovable boy who needs a little obedience training.

Storm is great with children and other dogs.

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