WAGNER TAILS: Toshi & Kenji and Riley

CLARK & CHIPPEWA COUNTIES, Wis. (WEAU) -- Toshi & Kenji are the two longest feline residents at the Clark County Humane Society.

Later this month, these brothers will have their two-year anniversary at the shelter having arrived at CCHS on October 30, 2017. But intstead of celebrating their shelter anniversary, we hope they're celebrating getting adopted.

Toshi and Kenji are almost 2 1/2 years old and would love to find a new home together. Toshi is the one with the spot on his nose.

They are happy guys and they get along with other cats.

Toshi and Kenji can be a bit skittish with strangers, which is probably why they seem to get overlooked by potential adopters.

Staff members at CCHS are confident they'll be great companions once they find a home where they know they're safe and secure.

These brothers are worth the extra time and patience!

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At the Chippewa Humane Association, Riley is also a long-term resident.

This two-year-old girl weighs around 65 pounds has been with Chippewa Humane for nearly a year.

She's likely a lab hound mix, and as you can see she's good with other large breed dogs that are just as playful as she is.

Riley can play rough with other dogs, but she doesn't get aggressive.

She does still need some obedience training, especially when it comes to jumping, but she already knows how to sit and lay down.

Staff at Chippewa Humane say she loves most people, but she can be scared of some men.

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