Workout Wednesday: Mad Shannon's Phit Shed

CADOTT, Wis. (WEAU) -- Families all across the country are adjusting to a new normal of spending lots of time at home. But taking time to exercise during this stressful time is important for everyone's health.

Even though life has slowed down, it's important to keep moving. For this week's Workout Wednesday we got some tips from Shannon Seyforth of Mad Shannon’s Phit Shed in Cadott.

“Right now is a very stressful time and health is our most important thing so if you have been putting of those New Year’s goals, now is the time to get started, “ Seyforth said. “You got some time at home, maybe you are working at home and this is a change of pace for you, get out and moving walk the block, do a movement, you are going to feel so much better.”

She suggests using jugs of bleach or laundry detergent to do squats, using a broom or mop to do some rows or push presses. In addition, try any body weight exercises such as wall push-ups, jumping jacks or step ups on the stairs.

She created her online community to get everyone involved with her workouts. Seyforth posts some free workouts to Facebook as well as training session on zoom for $10. If you want to get involved click here.