105-year-old home gets new life thanks to La Crosse program

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- For more than 100 years the same house has stood at 1329 Farnam Street in La Crosse.

But after the previous owners were unable to continue living in the home they raised their five children in, the city stepped in.

"It's really important to invest in these existing neighborhoods and especially when you have opportunities to renovate and update existing homes. Because there's just not enough money in the world if you wanted to try to just level entire neighborhoods and build new housing, and the city wouldn't want to do that anyway," said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

Today the house in still standing thanks to the city's Housing Renovation Program.

Where the city purchases older homes and then sells them to construction companies, who work to renovate the house and then sell them to homeowners.

The city bought the home from the estate for $75,000 and then sold it to Construction Restoration Services for $40,000, almost half their purchase price.

"It's great to be a part of that positive attitude, re-enforcement, they're trying to bring about that they want to beautify the city and make it enjoyable for people to work and live here. And to me that's a great partnership for anybody," said Dan Kalmes, Owner of Construction Restoration Services.

Work on the inside of the home began in September.

By April, the Andrjeski family stopped by and they immediately knew this was their new home.

"To be able to share with them that we have four children of our own and that this was going to be a house that a family was going to be raised in, it really touched their hearts and it really blessed us to be able to continue that knowing that there is so much history here," said Derek Andrjeski.

The Andrjeski's new home is one of the first completed under the new program.

They say they hope to move in as soon as possible.