14-year-old wins international cow judging competition

OSSEO, Wis. (WEAU) -- A local 14-year-old “moooved” judges in an international agricultural magazine competition.

14-year-old Ethan Witscher beats out thousands of kids to win international cow judging competition.

The Hoards Dairyman Magazine is one of the oldest agricultural publications in Wisconsin.

Every year, thousands of people enter the cow judging competition that is included in the magazine.

Ethan Witscher of Cumberland, Wisconsin, won this year’s competition amongst thousands of applicants.

"It's an international competition, and this year it had 10 countries and 48 states involved”, Witscher said. “There were 12,727 applicants and I won the junior class."

Ethan wowed this year’s judges with his “udder” mastery in evaluating cows, and broke down just how to judge one.

"Cattle judging is where you have four animals of the same age and breed”, he said. “Then you have to evaluate which on is the best one in the class and which on is the worst one. There are 4 different things that you look at. You look at the udder, which is 40 points out of the 100, their dairy strength which is 25, the rear feet and legs, and their frame," said Witscher.

The Hoards Dairyman Magazine has been around since the 1800s and has crowned several young champions for the cow judging competition.

Ethan's aunt, Inga Witscher, reflected on how growing up with the magazine makes this achievement extra special.

"I grew up with Hoards Dairyman on my kitchen table as well as I'm sure many other people had”, she said. “I'm so proud to know that after growing up looking at the judging competition in Hoards Dairyman, that my nephew out of over 12,000 other juniors won the international title."

Ethan is a fifth generation dairy farmer and truly enjoys working with cows.

He plans to follow in his family’s footsteps after he eventually decides where he wants to go to college.

"I either want to do something with the dairy industry or work at the turkey farm that my dad is working at," he said.

Ethan is very happy that he won the award, partly because he enjoys that a lot of people know who he is now.