3 people arrested following a shut down of 2 massage parlors

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (NEWS RELEASE) -- On March 29, 2019 the Eau Claire Police Department was notified by a community member that employees at Angel Massage, 1219 Menomonie Street, perform sex acts in exchange for money at
this location.

As a result of this information an investigation into this matter was initiated.

Angel Massage was placed under surveillance. Upon doing so it was learned 223 customers utilized this business in an approximate one-month time frame. During that time, only one female customer
was observed.

Eau Claire Police Detectives then interviewed four of these customers. Of these four customers, two stated an Angel Massage employee performed a sex act on them at the business in exchange for money.

A review of City of Eau Claire business licensing records showed the registered licensee for Angel
Massage is Dongmei Ling Greer. City of Eau Claire licensing records also showed Greer was the business agent for Lucky Massage, 1041 N. Hastings Way.

On July 16, 2019 members of the Eau Claire Police Department, and investigators from several area law enforcement agencies, conducted search warrants at the following locations:

• Angel Massage, 1219 Menomonie Street
• Lucky Massage, 1041 N. Hastings Way
• A private residence located in the 3200 block of Seymour Road

During the course of conducting the search warrants, completing interviews and collecting evidence it was determined prostitution was occurring at these businesses.

The investigation determined Greer was responsible for the business’ operations as well as directing the activities of the business’ employees.

Dongmei Ling Greer, date of birth 09/24/1963, was arrested for the following crimes:
• Human Trafficking, Wisconsin state statute 940.302(2)
• Knowingly Keeping a Place of Prostitution. Wisconsin state statute 944.34(1)

Dongmei Greer is scheduled to make her initial appearance in Eau Claire County court on July 18,
2019 at 11:00 a.m.
On July 16, 2019 two other arrests were made related to these investigative efforts.

These arrests were:
• Steven R. Gilbert, date of birth 02/23/1958. Gilbert was arrested for Patronizing Prostitutes,
Wisconsin state statute 944.31.
• Xinhua Xiong, date of birth 03/27/1957, was arrested for an outstanding St. Croix County warrant.

The warrant was for the charge of Prostitution, Wisconsin state statute 944.30(4).

Steven Gilbert is scheduled to make his initial appearance in Eau Claire County court on August 13, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.

It was determined people associated with the business operations were living at both Angel Massage and Lucky Massage. Numerous building code violations were also identified.

The Eau Claire City/County Health Department and the City of Eau Claire Inspections placarded these businesses indicating they were unfit for occupancy. The businesses cannot be occupied until the
conditions are remediated.

The City of Eau Claire has begun the process of revoking the business
licensing for Angel Massage and Lucky Massage.

The private residence on the 3200 block of Seymour Road was also placarded by the Eau Claire City/County Health Department due to occupancy violations. The residence cannot be occupied until
the conditions are remediated.

Eau Claire County Victim Services offered housing assistance to those displaced by the placards.

Human trafficking is a multifaceted problem that victimizes millions of people worldwide every year.

This is not unique to Eau Claire and can be felt by a community of any size.

Our investigation into this matter is complex, ongoing and extends beyond our community.