Evers, Walker tied in latest Marquette Law poll

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The final Marquette University Law School Poll before the 2018 midterm election reveals a tied race for Wisconsin governor as well as a close race for state Attorney General.

The report shows incumbent Republican Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers tied at 47-percent among likely voters..

Marquette poll director Dr. Charles Franklin says it now comes down to voter turn-out.

Dr. Franklin explained, “Now the question becomes what happens in the last six days of the campaign and which party is able to get their voters to the polls a little bit better than the other party is able to do that.”

Evers is making his way across the state on a six-day campaign tour. Today in La Crosse he said he's positive heading into next week's election.

Evers added, “The good news for us is that we believe we're doing well, so well, because we're really focusing on issues Wisconsin cares for.”

In a statement Governor Walkers Office referred to a tweet asking for supporters' help saying, “We're tied with Evers at 47%. In 2016, Ron Johnson was down by 1%. You made the difference. We need your help again."

The poll also revealed 50-percent of registered voters approve of how walker is doing his job while 46-percent disapprove.

As for the most important issues for likely voters 25-percent says health coverage is the top priority with 20-percent saying its K-12 education.

Dr. Franklin says the latest results shows about 7-percent more democrats are excited to vote compared to Republicans.

"All of this points to the Democrats being fired up this year but it's by a fair bit not by an enormous amount right now," said Franklin

In the race for U.S. Senate Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin still leads Republican challenger Leah Vukmir 54-43.

Political analyst John Frank said, “As you get close to Election Day that's pretty insurmountable assuming that the polls are accurate and people are telling the correct information.”

However the race for state Attorney General is closing in with Republican incumbent Brad Schimel at 47-percent and Democrat Josh Kaul at 45-percent of likely voters.

"We've seen this race go from a seven point margin, to a four point margin to now just a two point margin so it's really been tightening over this period," said Dr. Franklin.

Frank says over the next week candidates will likely try and campaign for the independent vote which concentrates in west central Wisconsin.

He added, "It's very important because Scott Walker has had three close races and each time he's won those close races because he's had more independent votes than his opponent did."

(WSAW) -- Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic candidate Tony Evers are tied when it comes to the support of likely voters, according to the latest Marquette Law poll.

The poll was conducted from Oct. 24-28 surveying 1,400 registered Wisconsin voters. Walker and Evers both pulled in 47 percent support among likely voters.

The previously poll earlier this month, had Walker at 47 percent and Evers at 46 percent. According to the poll, the data collected predicts that the governor race could tip either way.

In race for US Senate, the new Marquette Law School poll finds 54 percent for Democrat Tammy Baldwin and 43 percent for Republican Leah Vukmir among likely voters.