Kaul declares victory over Schimel in Attorney General race

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MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - Democrat Josh Kaul declared victory over Republican Brad Schimel in the Attorney General's race at a 9 a.m. news conference on Wednesday.

Attorney General Brad Schimel released the following statement Wednesday morning:

"I just got off the phone with Josh Kaul. While the results are not final, it appears he has won this race. I told him I am waiting until the municipal and county canvasses are complete, all military ballots are accounted for and that every vote is counted. We also want to know more about what happened with the absentee ballots in Milwaukee County. However, if the margin does not substantially change, I have vowed that my team will assist him in making the transition as smooth as possible. I want to thank nearly 1.3 Million Wisconsinites for their votes, their prayers and support. We will all know more in about a week."

Kaul is the son of the late former Democratic Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager and served as a federal prosecutor in Baltimore, but hasn't played up his background, choosing instead to focus on attacking Schimel.

He said Schimel took too long to test thousands of unanalyzed sexual assault evidence kits, allowed testing delays at the state crime labs to grow, spent taxpayer money on commemorative coins for police and failed to get control of the state's opioid crisis. Schimel pushed back by playing up efforts to award safety grants to schools and painting Kaul as inexperienced.