Oshkosh man accused of shaking baby because it was fussing

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - An Oshkosh man has been charged in the shaking death of his infant child.

Cory D. Lyons, 27, is charged with 1st Degree Reckless Homicide in Winnebago County.

On Nov. 29, Oshkosh Police were called to a local hospital for a report of a pulse-less, non-breathing, seven-week-old child.

Officers interviewed the child's mother who said she had left the baby in the care of the father, Cory Lyons, while she was at work. It was her first day back at work since she had given birth, according to a criminal complaint.

The mom told police that Lyons called her at about 7 p.m. that night to tell her the child's breathing wasn't right and she needed to come home. The mom arrived at the family's home at 547 W. 8th Ave to find the baby making "gasping" sounds.

Doctors performed a CT scan and found the child was suffering from a brain bleed. The child later died at the hospital.

Police spoke with Lyons who said the child had been "fussing." He initially tried to blame his dogs for injuring the baby, but police questioned their ability to cause a brain bleed.

Lyons continued to change his story. First, he said the dogs jumped on the child. Then he said he may have put the baby down too hard. Then he said he dropped the baby on the floor.

Eventually, Lyons told police that he had become " highly frustrated" with the child's fussing and crying and "jerked him." Lyons described placing his hands around the child under his arms and around the rib cage. He then demonstrated how he jerked the child.

Lyons said he shook the baby between five and six times.

"He had explained that he was frustrated. He stated the child's head snapped back and came forward. The defendant acknowledged that he had not been supporting the child's head in any way at this time," reads the criminal complaint.

At this point, the child was still crying. Lyons told police that he set the child down and walked away.

Lyons appeared in court Dec. 4. Cash bond was set at $250,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13.