Packers' Rodgers: "We are all under a microscope even more"

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Packers' playoff hopes are not quite extinct, but the excitement for this Packers/Falcons matchup has been extinguished by the disappointing seasons endured by both.

But there is still focus within the Packers locker room. No, not urgency to make the post-season, it's all about self-preservation amidst the sea change happening in Green Bay.

"I think everybody is kind of realizing that we are all under a microscope even more," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "Who knows what the changes are going to be after the season. There is the feeling that more eyes are on all of us, whether it is Mark, or Brian, or scouts. I feel like the energy was good today. Unfortunately the urgency that you need earlier in the season, we kind of had out there at practice today."

"You know we have to play the game the right way," interim coach Joe Philbin said. "I told the guys that we want to see them play the game the right way. A lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm. I think we have to play better complimentary football, the offense working with the defense and special teams. Everybody giving their best effort, coming together. We have to step up, we have to make plays. It's a little bit the chicken and the egg. We didn't have great energy Sunday. Why was that? Well, 'jeez coach, we didn't make any plays.' We were struggling and couldn't get the big play going offensively. Some of it is just good old-fashioned elbow grease that sometimes can get things going for you. We gotta play the hard hard, gotta play the game sound, gotta play it the right way."

When the schedule came out in April, everyone circled this as a marquee December matchup. But the only team more disappointing than the Packers this year has to be the 4-8 Falcons. Both of these teams had high hopes coming into the 2018 campaign. At Lambeau Field, DS A2S.