Luxemburg grocery store plans to offer online shopping

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LUXEMBURG, Wi. (WBAY) - After a long day most people don't look forward to a grocery trip. But many big-name grocery chains now offer online shopping so people can have someone else gather up what they need. The owner of a small town grocery store now plans to join that trend.

"Even if customers aren't ready for it right now, they will be sooner than we think," said Stodola’s IGA owner Alex Stodola.

Stodola plans to offer an online grocery shopping system at his Luxemburg store.

“We pride ourselves on carry out service, so every time we carry out groceries everybody always jokes 'Well can you come home and bring it inside?' This is a step closer to that," said Stodola.

Customers will order and pay online. Then an employee will use a specially outfitted cart to gather everything needed. The cart has a tablet to view orders, a scanner to ensure the right items are selected, and a printer to label each bag in the customer’s order.

"I know a lot of young professionals they work in Green Bay, they live in Luxemburg,” said Stodola. “By the time they're done working they don't necessarily want to go shopping."

Stodola hopes it'll help encourage more people to shop local.

"You know you hear about online shopping and see these stores closing and worry ‘Oh, is this coming to us?’ But now we're getting on track," said Stodola.

Staying on track to keep up with the competition.

"We won't get stomped over by these other, bigger stores, we'll be right there with them," said Stodola.

Stodola is still testing the system, but hopes to let customers try it later this year.