Waupun soldier receives hand-written letter from Green Bay Packers' Aaron Jones

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WAUPUN, Wis (WMTV) -- A U.S. Army reservist from Waupun currently serving in Iraq received a personalized, hand-written letter from Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones.

(WMTV/Tim Elliot)

“To write that letter -- to take that time-- not many people would do that, so it’s huge. It’s absolutely huge,” said Sgt. Kegan Moffitt, who is part of a unit based in Madison.


Sgt. Moffitt, 27, says the Green Bay Packers sent him a care package to Iraq recently after he wrote to the team expressing his love for all things green and gold. A few weeks after that package arrived in Iraq, a letter arrived at Sgt. Moffitt’s parent’s home in Waupun.

“When I asked him if I could open it and he said of course,” said Dave Moffitt, Kegan’s father. “To have recognition from Aaron Jones to my son who is serving overseas right now is very, very special,”

“This whole letter is just wonderful. It gives me goosebumps,” said Moffitt’s mom Jennifer.

In the letter, Jones expresses his love and support for Sgt. Moffitt and thanks him for his service.

“My name is Aaron Jones and I play for the Green Bay Packers. I am writing you because I would like to thank you for your service. You are a true hero,” Jones writes in the beginning.

Sgt. Moffitt’s parents told their son about the letter and Sgt. Moffitt proceeded to let everyone know about his new pen pal.

“I expected something really cool from the Packers, you know, but I didn’t expect something from one of the players. So I was pretty ecstatic. I was running around the base showing everyone. Everyone knows I’m a big Packers fan. When they saw that, they were pretty psyched for me too so yeah that was a pretty good day,” said Sgt. Moffitt.

“You know it’s very personal and for him to take the time out of his schedule to put down on paper his feelings that the cares about Kegan,” said Kegan’s mother Jennifer.

Jones has a special connection to the military. Both of his parents served for decades in the U.S. Army.

“He knows what it’s like to miss your loved one,” said Jennifer. He knows what it is like to have someone in the military that could be in harm’s way and you think about them every day. He understands. That’s very kind of him,”

“It’s something I did with honor and pride and love,” said Jones in an interview after practice. “And all your hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed and like I said, all I can do is say thank you. I have been in that situation, on the flip slide, and everything is going to be OK. God has him and he is real a true hero,”

“I really want Aaron Jones to know we appreciate this, we really appreciate this,” Sgt. Moffitt said.

In the letter, Jones goes on to tell Sgt. Moffitt about his time as a military kid. “As a child I would sit in my room or in class and I would write both of my parents who are both retired,”

Jones also hopes to set up a meeting with the Moffitt family when Kegan gets home in the spring.

“When you come home I would love to meet you and your family. I hope this letter brings you joy and happiness you will always be in my prayers,”

Jones finished the letter by highlighting the team’s high expectations going forward.

“And I hope you’re a cheesehead,” he said. “Because this is our year,”