Altoona OK's memorandum of understanding for vets park project

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ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) -- The city of Altoona moved one step closer today in securing a veterans tribute park project, once meant for the city of Eau Claire.

It was an emotional night of public comment from those who support and those who oppose the naming of a park in downtown Eau Claire.

The city council met in special session to approve a memorandum of understanding between Altoona and the Eau Claire County Veterans Foundation. This comes days after the group abandoned plans for the park along Forest St., near downtown Eau Claire.

The agreement approved Friday allows for both sides to develop the specifics for the project's overall plan.

"I feel that it's good for the whole community - not just Altoona, not just Eau Claire, but it's going to help everybody,” Altoona Mayor Brendan Pratt said to WEAU 13 News on Friday. “It's going to help the veterans have a place that that they can honor their fallen and even their veterans currently. So I think of it as good for the whole community."

Altoona officials say the Eau Claire County Veterans Foundation was planning to hold a signing ceremony for the project sometime next week.