Anonymous person repays scammed elderly couple

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EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WEAU) -- After an elderly couple was scammed last week, an anonymous donor wanted repay what they lost.

On Thursday, the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire County reported that someone had been posing as a Meals on Wheels representative asking for money from participants for their bill.

After hearing about how a homebound elderly couple was scammed last week, an anonymous person reached out to the Eau Claire Police Department and asked if they could repay what the couple lost.

On Tuesday, the citizen dropped off an envelope at the ECPD, with the amount lost plus some.

The citizen said they were sickened by the fraud to the couple and stated, “We are better than this in Eau Claire.”

The citizen wrote a note to the couple saying:

"So sorry this happened to you. Those of us in Eau Claire want you to know we treasure our community members and wish you the very best! Have a great day!"

The ADRC is again reminding the public that this is a scam. The Aging & Disability Resource Center does not collect money for meals this way.

A letter is sent monthly with the suggested donation amount. Please be advised that if someone comes to the door asking for money for Meals on Wheels, or any other bills through the Aging & Disability Resource Center, do not pay them, instead contact the police or the Aging & Disability Resource Center for questions, 715-839-4735.