Area city plans to update a popular landmark

LA CROSSE, Wi. (WEAU)-- One area city has it in the works to update a popular landmark.

The Eagle Landmark Sculpture inside La Crosse's Riverside Park is filled with history for the city.

It was designed by Elmer Peterson and completed in 1987.

The sculpture was donated by D.B. Reinhart as a way to thank his employees.

However, the last 33 years have brought some wear and tear to the icon.

The City of La Crosse has money in its capital improvement budget for repairs and is now taking the next steps for the project.

"We will bring in the stakeholders of it, talk to them a little bit, see what they think, get some ideas and some opinions and then move forward," said Jim Flottmeyer, La Crosse Parks and Recreation project specialist.

The Parks and Recreation department has allocated $150,000 for the project.

While there is no timetable for completion yet, the department says they are excited for the updates and upgrades.

They hope to maintain the sculpture to last the next 30 years.