Area school districts build tiny homes in effort to help the homeless

Published: May. 24, 2017 at 5:29 PM CDT
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Area school districts are getting hands-on construction experience while providing the homeless in our area with temporary housing.

Landmark Christian Church in Lake Hallie has been spearheading an effort to build tiny homes for community members who need help getting back on their feet.

It’s called Hope Village.

Now the Bloomer and Chippewa Falls School Districts are lending a helping hand for the first time.

Technology Education Instructor Brian Hefty said, “For us it's part of our construction class so it allows students to learn skills and how to construct things like accurate measurements, safely cutting but it also gives them a real life experience about this connects to the community and how it helps people.”

Students have only been able to work when the weather is cooperating, so far that's about three and a half weeks since January, but senior Josh Gubrud said the experience has been valuable.

Gubrud explained, “It's different than the typical classroom where you're inside learning about something you can actually go out and work on it with your hands and actually get an understanding of how construction works in a sense.”

The bottom of the trailer was donated and then refitted by the Bloomer School District which was then given to the Chippewa Falls students to build the home up around it.

However, since each trailer is different, so are the specs, which is where students' skills and learning really comes into play.

Hefty explained, “We fit the requirements that Hope Village has put forward but because it's a mobile structure the requirements are fairly loose.”

One major structural component still missing is the roof. Hefty says there are five days left for the students to finish it but if they're not able to there is back-up.

“What we don't get done then Hope Village has a group of volunteers who come in and work on these so they'll finish whatever we don't complete but they're grateful for whatever we can do because it helps the volunteers do less,” added Hefty.

Hefty says he would like students to participate in the effort next year if possible.