Baldwin, Vukmir make final push to voters

The U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin has intensified in recent weeks with both candidates attacking each other.

The match-up pits incumbent Democrat Tammy Baldwin against Republican Challenger Leah Vukmir, and turnout in the state is expected to reach record levels for a midterm election.

Recent polls show Baldwin with a double-digit lead. She spent part of Election Day in Milwaukee, surprising shoppers at a supermarket with the goal of reaching as many voters as possible.

Baldwin says health care is one issue that sets her apart from her opponent.

"I think the most sharp contrast is around health care. You know, I was a child with a pre-existing condition who spent a lot of my youth without health insurance, and I was drawn to public service because I wanted to change that,” said Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Among the early morning voters in Wisconsin, was Vukmir. Tuesday, Vukmir was out and about in her hometown of Brookfield.