Bike shops see surge in sales during pandemic

Photo courtesy: MGN
Photo courtesy: MGN(WLUC)
Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 4:54 AM CDT
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This time of year, bike shops across the country typically see a spike in sales. However this season, the peak is already over and bikes are in short supply. “The production for 2020 basically didn’t happen and then couple that with huge demand that no one anticipated, there is just a huge shortage of new bikes, used bikes, anything," said Spring Street Sports co-owner, Joe Wawrzaszek.

If you are looking to purchase a bike anytime soon, you are out of luck as bike shops across the country are sold out. Bike shops were able to remain open during COVID-19 and have seen huge profits during the pandemic. “In any business you do things to create demand or help that along and when the supply runs short, it is really frustrating and our job is to give customers a good experience and part of that is sending them home with a bike and well that is hard to do at this point," Wawrzaszek said.

Spring Street Sports in Chippewa Falls changed their hours and went to appointment only, but they still kept busy. Joe Wawrzaszek, the co-owner says they are nearly out of bikes and it could be months before they get more into the store. “There are bikes out there to be had, it’s finding the right one for you, bikes have many options sizes, types, colors for different types of usages. While you might be able to find a bike it might not be specific to how you intend to use it, Wawrzaszek added.

They have stopped renting out bikes to the community but have even sold some of their rental bikes due to the shortage. “It’s been over the top revenue wise has been amazing but that is going to flip over and go the opposite way now because it is hard to have revenue when you don’t have anything to sell," Wawrzaszek said.

In addition to sales, their service center has been extremely busy fixing bikes and preparing them for a busy riding season.