Black River Falls High School turns waste into lunch

Published: May. 31, 2019 at 4:37 PM CDT
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Friday Black River Falls High School traded in their typical lunch options for something different.

Since November, students and staff at Black River Falls High School have been giving their excess milk and fruits and vegetables to a local farm to help feed their pigs.

Friday, one of those pigs helped feed everyone at school.

Through a club known as the Green Team, 25 students and their adviser wanted to help the high school become greener by recycling milk cartons.

"We talked to the hauler and the hauler said you just have to dump the milk out. Well we were dumping the milk out and recycling the cartons and we were thinking instead of throwing this down the drain, we could probably feed a farm animal," said BRFHS Life Sciences Teacher and Green Team Adviser Clare Knodle. "And we have a strong agricultural program here at Black River Falls."

The Green Team asked the Thompson family if they wanted the milk, along with the excess fruits and vegetables, for their farm animals.

For the past seven months that's how the Thompson's pigs have been fed.

"I think it allows, like I said, one for the kids to understand where their food is coming from. Where and how to recycle some of the stuff that can be recycled," said Sue Thompson.

Once the pigs hit their market weight, the school decided to buy one themselves.

Friday, students and staff enjoyed a more than 500 pound pig that was roasted for more than 24 hours ahead of the cookout.

The Green Team at Black River Falls High School was only established two years ago and members hope Friday can help open more student's eyes to their mission.

"This pig really did help and this whole entire meal cause now students know. They start to wonder like where did this pig come from, who fed it, who did all of this. Well you guys fed it but the Green Team and the Thompson family helped put it together," said Green Team President and Junior Jenna Eversum.

Both the school and the Thompson's say they hope the pig roast can become an end of the school year tradition.