Bloomer honors the class of 2020

BLOOMER, Wis. (WEAU) -- The scoreboard in Bloomer counted down from 20 minutes and 20 seconds to celebrate the class of 2020.

While tonight the group of seniors is not putting on their gowns and throwing their caps in the air like they had planned at the beginning of the school year, they're still becoming high school graduates.

"It's kind of weird just knowing that tonight we were supposed to be walking down and getting our diplomas, but I think in the end I think just knowing the community is with us is all that really matters," said Senior Annabelle Wittrock.

"It's definitely been different having to adjust to being at school everyday, seeing your teachers and classmates to now being online. I definitely miss all the events and especially my spring sport track, I really wanted to have that last season with my teammates and friends, but I think, I mean I wish this all could have happened differently but hopefully we end up stronger," added Senior Vanessa Jenneman.

"I think that our class really came together in this time. Although we couldn't be together we were constantly either on calls together or talking about different assignments and stuff, so we still had the sense of community like we normally would," said Senior Jenna Zwiefelhofer.

"We're getting fireworks and no other class has gotten fireworks before, and you know there's so many decorations and you know just driving through town you feel really supported and appreciated," said Senior Sarah Klingbeil.

The high school is still planning to have an in-person graduation on July 30, to the extent allowed by state and county guidelines by that time.