Book published in Eau Claire featured on NBC's "This is Us"

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A local publishing company is in the spotlight after one of its books is featured on a hit, national TV show.

PESI Inc. in Eau Claire publishes books for mental health professionals, teachers, self-help, and more. One of PESI’s award-winning books was recently featured in a scene on NBC’s hit show "This is Us".

The company says it had no idea the book would appear on the show and neither did the authors but is excited to see an Eau Claire connection on such a popular show.

"We're a small publisher here in Eau Claire but to really see how our books reach the national audience and international and really to see how our books are being used in the field whether it’s on TV or in real life is just really cool," said Karsyn Morse, Acquisitions Editor for PESI Publishing and Media.

The book featured is called "The ACT Approach". It's a treatment book about acceptance and commitment therapy.

PESI has been around for a long time, recently celebrating 40 years in business. “We've been serving professionals with education for that long and it’s a pretty amazing thing," said Linda Jackson, Publisher.

In addition to publishing, the company focuses on behavioral health continuing education and does around 6,000 seminars across the country each year. Jackson says everyone was pretty excited to learn about the "This is Us" feature. "It was humbling really to see our book being publicized even in a small way and so many people saw it," said Jackson.

This may not be the last time an Eau Claire published book is seen on the show. "After we saw that our book was featured we were really curious how they got it because again we're a small publisher...the authors are not nationally known names," said Morse.

She was able to get in contact with the set decorator who said the book was used because they needed a mental health tool for the scene. The asked PESI for more and a big box was sent to Los Angeles for them to use in future episodes.

You can catch new episodes of This is Us on Tuesdays at 8pm on WEAU.