CWD advisory team looks to implement mandatory deer testing

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Chronic wasting disease is an ongoing problem in the Eau Claire region.

Chronic wasting disease is an ongoing problem in the Eau Claire region.

One local advisory panel is looking to make recommendations to the DNR after their meeting Tuesday night at 7 in Rock Falls, Wisconsin, including the mandatory testing of deer killed during the nine day gun hunting season this fall.

The Chippewa Valley CWD advisory team is discussing several new recommendations and team member, David Zielke, shared some of the highlights.

"We will be discussing the proposed testing procedures that we're going to be wanting in the CWD area, the CWD zone in the six counties,” Zielke said. “In the six counties that are being affected with the bating ban and such, were going to ask people to voluntarily bring in test samples."

The six counties included in the proposed region are Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, and Trempealeau.

According to the DNR, last year, there were two deer found in Eau Claire County that tested positive for CWD and DNR Wildlife Biologist, Bill Hogseth, is urging people to take advantage of the free testing services that are offered.

"There are a number of routes that a hunter can go if they want to get their deer tested,” Hogseth said. “Those routes are, they can drop them off at a 24/7 self-service kiosk like the one we have out here. Those are located around the area at different cooperators. They can go to some cooperating meat processors, who will provide the sample to us. Some taxidermists as well."

After dropping off the sample, it typically takes one to two weeks to get the results back.

There is no definitive research yet on how CWD can affect humans, but that won’t stop one local advisory committee member from disposing his meat if it comes back as testing positive for CWD.

"Personally, if I get a deer, it's going to be tested,” Zielke said. If the deer turns out to be positive for CWD, I'll be discarding the meat and disposing of it."

Again, the committee is meeting Tuesday night at the Rock Creek Town Hall at 7.

This is the last meeting to finalize the proposal after a month long public input period.

The proposal will then be sent to the DNR.