Chippewa Valley Exploring offers career exploration program

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 3:10 PM CDT
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If you're looking for something for the kids to do this summer, Chippewa Valley Exploring is offering a career exploring program.

“We have a lot of variety of programs but something still fun for youth if they're interested in any of these career fields or even if they wanna see something to do to check it out, I think the more the merrier, the better the more students to do it, the better,” says Gwen Heiman, career exploring associate.

They decided not to make it virtual this year.

“We kinda tried to figure out if we were gonna do virtual or not but we really thought that students would get the most benefit especially with covid hands-on, so we are practicing safe social distancing measures with the summer programs we have available,” she says.

The programs include sports team management with The Eau Claire Express, medical field experience with HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, working with Harley Davidson, and cosmetology.

“It's a really fun opportunity for students to actually see and do what these professionals do. So unlike talks, they get to do what the professionals do on a daily basis,” says Heiman.

It not only helps the students, but it helps local businesses as well.

“A lot of businesses have been worried about retention or getting kids to stay, and so I think just providing these opportunities and these are what local people in our community are doing and you can do it too,” she says.

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