Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center to re-open in new location

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— The Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center will re-open on March 1 in a new location.

The center says they were forced to leave and terminate their lease at The State Theatre and Community Center in January, which was ran by the Joe Luginbill Children’s Foundation.

The address of the new location is 505 Dewey Street South, Suite 204.

Center president, Breana Stanley, states, “The love and support the community has shown us over the last few weeks has allowed us to breathe new life into our organization and mission to serve the LGBTQ+ community. While we are hurt by the actions of our previous landlord, we are moving forward and are thankful for those who have donated time, money, and space to keep us functioning during the transition. Our new space is better than anything we could have expected and will allow for us to grow in the Chippewa Valley.”