Chippewa Valley School District redefines college readiness

Published: Feb. 28, 2020 at 5:42 PM CST
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The Chippewa Falls School District has partnered with the high school to create a program called "Redefining Ready." It says the program has several indicators that measure student readiness, to increase likelihood of post-secondary success.

"I like to look at college and career readiness as preparing students to get to the start line. So we kind of would think of high school graduation as the finish line before, but if you think about a student coming through our walls, they're about 18 when they graduate,but they have like 60 years left in life, so if we think of high school graduation as the finish line, we're not really setting them up for the success of the long term in life," says Sarah Radcliffe, Executive Director of Educational Technology.

Some of those indicators are community service, dual enrollment, and co-curricular participation. The biggest change is redefining career readiness. Students take surveys to find interests and passions, and use those results to choose "pathways" of classes to try.

"An example of one of the pathways students can take at Chippewa Falls Senior High School is our business information and management pathway," says Donna Goodman, principal of Chippewa Falls High School.

Redefining Ready also addresses the Chippewa Valley's workforce shortage.

"We're using the industries in our area and the job needs to help develop some of the pathways so we get input from business and industry in the Chippewa Valley about what the workforce shortage needs are here and try to help build pathways and opportunities to show kids there are jobs right here in the Chippewa Valley."