Chippewa Valley celebrates Mother's Day with brunch

CHIPPEWA VALLEY, Wis. (WEAU) -- For new moms, experienced moms and grandmas, Sunday was a special day to celebrate with their children and grandchildren.

Getting all the kids to look at the camera is quite the task, but then again so is being a mom. "If you didn't know anything about it you would think that you are making a lot of sacrifices but it doesn't feel like a sacrifice when you're a parent because you get so much back from it,” said Casey Nowicki, a mom.

Nowicki was surprised by her husband and sister for a special Mother's Day brunch at Lake Wissota Bar and Grill hosted by Lake Wissota Golf & Events. "The food was delicious; my parents are also here so it was a wonderful surprise,” Nowicki added.

Other families have been coming to Lake Wissota Grill for years to celebrate their favorite thing, being a mom. "It's a blessing,” said mom, Amanda Schemenauer. “I get to experience something that not everybody gets to and I absolutely love it, it's a blessing every day."

Some are blessed to not only be a mom but also a grandma. “It's fun and they are wonderful to be with, it's a special day,” said Sharon Suthard, a mom and grandma. It was a morning to be remembered with a special photo. "Well, they are always taking the picture and they are never in the photo with their kids so we want them to have a nice memoir of today,” said Abby Hanlon, from Lake Wissota Golf.

For more than one thousand people, they spent the morning eating brunch at the Florian Gardens in Eau Claire. "Between desserts and fruits, salads and just about anything your little heart desires you can have for brunch today,” said Melissa Tok, the director of food and beverages at Florian Gardens.

Everyone's plate was full of different food but they all were there for the same reason, their moms. "You see gifts, you see flowers and smiles,” Tok added.

Reminding moms they are loved and celebrating the simple wins. "She slept in today so you can't really ask for much more,” Norwicki said.

Even though many moms in the Chippewa Valley celebrated at brunch, the day is all about celebrating moms and the other woman that step up to support the kids.