Chris Kroeze advances on The Voice Monday night

BARRON, Wis. (WEAU, NBC) -- Barron native Chris Kroeze was back on NBC's The Voice Monday night.

Kroeze performed the song "Burning House" in the Knockouts.

Coach Blake Shelton couldn't decide which contestant to keep - Kroeze or Michael Lee - so he tossed a coin.

Kroeze lost the coin toss, but then Shelton used his save to keep Kroeze on his team.

"Right when I saw the coin, I kinda figured we were both safe because if he's gonna flip a coin over it, I didn't figure either of us were gonna go home, but you never know there's a lot of anxiety in that moment no matter what," Kroeze told WEAU 13 News.

Kroeze says the next phase of The Voice is the live playoffs, which begin Monday, November 12.

That's when voting is in the hands of the viewers.

Kroeze says you can vote through The Voice app or online through NBC.

He says he appreciates everyone's support so far.