Cinder City Days in Altoona concludes

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ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) -- A multi-day, family-friendly fair wrapped up on Sunday.

The 46th annual Cinder City Days in Altoona kicked off on Thursday
night and finished up Sunday afternoon.

Organizers with the Lions Club say Saturday night’s concert at the River Prairie Amphitheatre attracted over three thousand people and the car show at 10th Street park brought in a record 150 participants.

Altoona Lions Club member, Bradley Barth, said Cinder City Days raises money for several causes supported by the club.

“Those funds will be used for local scholarships”, Barth said. “If anybody comes to the Lyons Club saying that they have a need, if we can help them out we will do what we can to help them out. We also use those funds to give to other areas such as the fire department and the police department.

Barth said the weekend was a major success and that the Lions Club is already gearing up for next year.