City of Eau Claire puts temporary towing rules in place

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 8:22 PM CST
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As the city of Eau Claire continues to dig out after the latest winter storm they are still have issues getting plows through some city streets. The city is now towing vehicles that are not complying with the parking rules.

The Eau Claire Police Department has handed out more than 500 parking tickets this week but some cars are still causing issues for the plows. The city has put up some temporary no parking signs up in some areas where roads are still messy and plows have not been able to pass through.

The police say they will try to contact owners to move the car first but if unsuccessful they will be towed. In addition to the temporary no parking signs, if you received a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street and have not moved you are in violation of the 24 hour parking rule and will also get towed.

The city will be out contacting car owners and towing cars that are still in the way until plows can pass on all streets, which police say likely, could go into the weekend. “We're really getting to a safety issue now with the plows not being able to get through, those streets are making it hard for emergency vehicles to have the proper amount of access if an emergency were to happen,” said Bridget Coit from the Eau Claire Police Department.

If your car does get towed, it will cost you $180 for the tow and you will also be charged $10 a day for every day that it is stored until you come and pick it up. A to Z Towing will be picking up the cars and towing them to their lots so give their tow line a call at (715) 835-6653 to find out where to pick up your car.

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