Cold Case: 18 years since Angelina Wall was found murdered

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- In the 18 years since 22-year-old Angelina Wall was found murdered Eau Claire law enforcement believes it's the closest officers have been to solving the cold case.

Wall was abducted and murdered on January 6th of 2001 while walking back from her job at McDonalds on Hastings Way at 2a.m.

In the nearly two decades since she was found strangled her mother, Lori Bednarczyk, still doesn’t know what truly happened.

“How scared was she when it happened,” asked Bednarczyk through tears. “Did she yell for me? What did she go through? That's what kills me.”

Bednarczyk says since Wall’s death the pain of her loss has never lessened.

“I will never have that again. I had her for 22 years and whoever did this took her life away. I'm lost without her,” she said.

Angelina's body was found strangled along rural highway "J" near Fall Creek. Today investigators say they believe the suspect, or suspects, still live in Eau Claire and hope new DNA evidence will finally help close the case.

Eau Claire Sheriff Ron Cramer said, “In all the years we've been working on it this is the closest and most relevant that we've had.”

Cramer says the department is currently not naming anyone but does say there are suspects of interest in the case. He says investigators have been re-interviewing people in prison, and those that had originally given statements, hoping to jog memories.

“We've finally got some information that really puts some pieces together that we had information about some individuals previously and now that it almost coincides with this. It's independent from anything that we’ve had, the people that we talked to and re-interviewed all of the sudden things clicked,” he said.

Cramer says with forensics getting better over the years he hopes fresh DNA samples may help law enforcement get a match to finally name the person or people involved.

Cramer added, “We're trying to get to the point where we can go to the district attorney either to get an arrest warrant or to get a court order for a DNA profile for a suspect or suspects.”

Cramer says there may be a break in the case in the coming months but Bednarczyk says she's trying hard not to get her hopes up too high while still praying for closure every day.

Bednarczyk said, “Maybe this year will be the year; I hope so because if it becomes 22 years that's the year I'm going to break because she'd be dead as long as she was alive.”