Cold weather causing farmers to fall behind on growing season

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) -- Agriculture agents say local farmers are behind on this growing season because of cold and wet weather and UW-Extension is encouraging farmers to apply for crop insurance.

Ag agents say most years, about 75 to 90% of corn would be planted by now. Right now they say only about 20-25% of corn has been planted at this point.

They are encouraging farmers to get insurance to protect their crops and hoping the weather stays dry.

For crop insurance, the final planting dates in Wisconsin differ by crop and county.

Agriculture Agent at UW-Extension, Jerry Clark, says the dates for Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties are May 25 for corn for grain and May 31 for corn silage. For soybean, the date is June 10.

Acres planted after these dates are still insured, but farmers must notify their crop insurance agents, even if they do not have late and prevented planting coverage.

“The other option is they don't take any insurance and they can still plant the crop,” said Clark. “There will be no payout.”

For details on late and prevented planting options and crop insurance information for Wisconsin farmers, click here.