"Committed to Safety" business decal application launches

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (Press Release)- The Chippewa Valley Economic Recovery Task Force
(“Task Force”) is working to help local businesses recover from and mitigate the effects of the COVID19 pandemic. Once submitted, applications will be processed.

Pending approval, decals will be mailed directly to businesses applying. If a business has multiple locations, an application must be submitted for each.

To apply for the decal and for more information on the task force and frequent updates, visit the website at https://coronavirus-and-covid-19-information-hubeccounty.hub.arcgis.com/pages/chippewa-valley-economic-recovery-task-force

Also follow the Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Chippewa-Valley-Covid-19-EconomicRecovery-Task-Force

The following wording of the COVID-19 “Committed to Safety” Covenant is what businesses sign off on as port of the decal application:

As a local business we recognize the importance of protecting public health in the operation of our business. We recognize that public confidence in health and safety measures is critical. In
order to foster that confidence, every business has a role to play.

The Task Force has asked local businesses to pledge to implement appropriate steps to further the foregoing goals and to provide a safe environment for customers, employees and the public
at large, and we support those efforts.

Accordingly, while the current public health emergency continues, we pledge that we have reviewed and understand and will commit to adhere to:
 The Covid-19 Prevention and Control Order dated May 18, 2020 and issued by the Eau
Claire City/County Health Department (the “EC Order”), and any subsequent duly promulgated orders;
 The Reopening Guidelines developed by the Wisconsin Economic Development
Corporation and incorporated into the Eau Claire Order, and any subsequent guidelines;
 Any current or future orders or administrative rules issued by the State of Wisconsin

Department of Health Services and/or federal agencies
In exchange for our pledge to adhere to the foregoing standards, we understand we have the right to display at our place of business a designation issued by the Task Force representing our
pledge in the form attached to this Letter (the “Designation”).

We understand that the Task Force may revoke our Designation in the event the Task Force determines reasonable evidence comes to light suggesting we are not making good faith efforts
to comply with the pledge. In that event we will no longer be permitted to display the

Designation or refer to our business as possessing the Designation. We understand that our participation in this program is voluntary and a privilege and that it is necessary for the protection of public confidence for the Task Force to be able to control issuance of the
Designation, and as a result release and indemnify the Task Force and any of its constituents, members and agents from and against and all claims or demands of any nature which we may now possess or may in the future come to possess relative to any action or inaction of the Task Force or its constituents, members or agents, or any failure on our part to comply with theforegoing pledge.

We understand that the Task Force is not a governmental body and does not represent any governmental body or agency, and that issuance of the Designation by the Task Force to our
business is not a substitute for our compliance with the law nor is it an endorsement or approval from any governmental body or agency, and that a consideration for issuing the Designation by the Task Force is the expectation of our reasonable cooperation with reasonable
governmental guidance.

Having carefully considered the contents of this letter and our ability to comply with the requirements it contains, we ask the Task Force to grant us the Designation and look forward to working together to helping the Chippewa Valley return to prosperity.