Community members voice concerns over landfill expansion proposal

Published: Dec. 7, 2019 at 5:20 PM CST
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Community members met Saturday morning to discuss a new proposal regarding the expansion of 7 Mile Creek Landfill in the Town of Seymour.

Many community members, like Gary Eslinger, say the proposal is a bad deal.

"The contract negotiations are nearing an end and there are a lot of things that are still unknown to the residents and the more we find out, the more curious we become,” Eslinger said.

The proposal ensures property values will not be affected by the landfill expansion.

The proposal also states there will be no monitoring of the landfill, they will not be held accountable for litter, and no additional compensation will be offered to residents.

"Someone is not being held accountable,” Eslinger said. “Perhaps there are things that are being done behind the scenes that we don't know about and as they continue to expand, who is watching what they are doing?"

State representatives were present for the meeting, including Representative Jesse James and State Senator Jeff Smith.

"We need the town board to step up, the county board to step up.” Smith said. “Actually the city itself had annexed that landfill site in order to regulate it and have more power and I'm not seeing that happening."

A final public opinion meeting will be held on January 16 at Seymour Town Hall and final negotiations will be held the next day.

Many Seymour residents say more needs to be done to ensure a fair deal.

"Making sure the water quality stays good, garbage is picked up, some of the trucks that leave the dump let it lay out in the road, perhaps there should be consequences to them, because there is no one stopping them,” Eslinger said.

The group that met Saturday says they will also be hiring an attorney to aid their argument.

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