Concerns over snow melt as water causes road closures

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TREMPEALEAU CO., Wis. (WEAU) -- Surrounding counties are already experiencing road closures following severe flooding on Thursday with warmer weather forecasted next week.

Trempealeau County Emergency Management says while we’re currently experiencing some relief from flooding chances with cooler, dryer weather there are concerns about more snow melt.

Director Dan Schreiner said, “We're pretty close to a crisis right now. There have been spots yesterday that were in worse shape than they are today. “

Schreiner says crews have been trying to combat the melting snow by handing out nearly 3,500 sandbags throughout the county.

“In Trempealeau County every municipality is on a body of water whether it's a pond or a creek or a river and so every municipality in the county and quite a few of them in the rural areas are exposed to snow melt and rising water so it's pretty county wide,” said Schreiner.

While Schreiner says water levels dropped three inches on Friday that could change as warmer weather is forecasted for next week.

“The issue is there's not limit to high the water can get and we're hoping the current trend of the water going down continues,” he added.

Roads closures have already been taking place throughout Trempealeau, Buffalo and Pepin counties and Schreiner says if you see a high water sign, slow down.

He said, “We put high water signs out on the highway. If you see a high water sign slow down it's there for a reason.”

And, as always, emergency management says if you see a road closed sign don't drive through. They say the road can actually be washed out underneath making it more dangers.