Cray Inc. announces new supercomputer to be released 2021

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CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) -- Supercomputer company Cray Inc. in Chippewa Falls announced a new partnership with AMD, a Texas-based company that includes the debut of the world's most powerful computer. The new system is called Frontier.

Cray says this new system is expected to have the performance of the top 160 fastest supercomputers in the world combined.

President and CEO of Cray, Pete Ungaro, calls this a milestone in supercomputing and for American manufacturing.

Ungaro says this new system will allow them to hire more people in certain departments and it will keep the manufacturing facility running in Chippewa Falls for quite a while.

Cray has been a part of the Chippewa Falls community since the '70s.

VP of manufacturing Steve Samse says Cray has been advancing with the time, recruiting young people in the process.

“Since that point in time, right here in Chippewa Falls we've been building computational tools to help change the world and now we're really taking it up a notch,” said Steve Samse, VP of manufacturing.

According to Ungaro, to put it into perspective, the network bandwidth of Frontier could download 100,000 HD movies every second, and the size can take up nearly 2 basketball courts, weighing more than 1 million pounds, the equivalent of 35 school buses.

At $600 million, Cray says this is the largest contract in its history.

It’s hoping to offer more jobs within its company with this new system

The computer will be released in 2021.