D.A. gives details of Appleton transit center shooting, clears officers

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 10:51 PM CDT
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Sgt. Biese and Officer Christensen acted heroically, moving and repeatedly engaging the suspect as he fired. Even after Officer Christensen was hit, and clearly in extreme pain, he battled on because people’s lives were still in danger. They were both guardians and caregivers - and when needed they were true warriors - vividly demonstrating the strength of the thin blue line.

Officers also provided emergency medical aid to Ms. Schowalter, which included driving the rescue squad to the hospital so that the EMTs on that squad could provide her the critical care she needed to survive. We ask the community to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she also continues to recover from this tragedy.

The body camera videos we will release will allow you to see and feel how this incident developed, and it puts you in the shoes of the officers involved. They are very intense and difficult videos to watch. But there is also a video that shows the exact moment that officers working the scene learned that Mitch had died. It is heart-wrenching and painful to watch; but the officer’s actions after that also demonstrates what is meant when you hear those words, The Thin Blue Line, or The Thin Red Line. On the video you see the immediate shock they feel, how everyone takes a breath and pauses for a couple seconds, and then how they jump right back into getting things done and working the investigation. That is what your officers and firefighters do every day. I could not be prouder of how both our departments responded to this.

As we continue to heal from this, what have we learned about our community?

Obviously this was an anomaly for our community, or for any community, and this could have happened anywhere on the bus route from Milwaukee to Wausau. This was a criminal traveling through our community, who had a long history of illegal and dangerous behavior. His actions were pure evil, plain and simple.

But, it is the actions of those first responders, and how this community supported us, which reaffirms everything we already know about Appleton; and that is what will truly be the final word in this tragedy.

The Fire Chief and I previously mentioned some of the things that we witnessed that displayed valor to us; but there were many more. On the videos you will see heroic, compassionate, and selfless acts from all the first responders; which is only part of this story. It is how this community responded; with love, understanding, empathy, and even tears, that is as important as anything else.

In Appleton, we know who we are as a community and why we are always hopeful -

It is because of those children that dropped off cards and collected money for the family.

It is the young girls’ softball team, who went out and asked for donations so that they could have a cookout with the firefighters and police officers.

It is the countless messages of support and prayers that came from all parts of our diverse community.

It is all the hugs we received from community members, and our fellow brothers and sisters in public service, who encouraged us to keep fighting on.

It is that amazing turnout for Mitch’s procession and funeral, and the beautiful signs and support shown by the 10’s of thousands of people who lined the route.

In the end, it is the actions of all those people, our heroic first responders and our compassionate community members, which truly defines the city of Appleton.

Todd L. Thomas

Chief of Police

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