DHS: Five more people being tested for coronavirus in Wisconsin

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Five more people are awaiting test results for the coronavirus in Wisconsin, state health officials said in an update Wednesday.

That makes a total of six people awaiting their test results, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Nineteen tests have come back negative so far, for a total of 26 people tested in Wisconsin.

DHS says that only one test has come back positive in the state, and that person has been declared healthy and non-contagious after weeks in isolation in Dane County.

DHS officials reaffirmed at a press conference Wednesday that the risk of getting the deadly coronavirus in our state remains low. Officials are still encouraging residents to follow healthy practices, such as washing hands thoroughly, covering your mouth when you cough and staying home from work if you get sick.

Also on Wednesday, UW Health set up a hotline for people who have questions about the coronavirus.

Area school districts are also releasing preparation plans for students and their families in case the coronavirus spreads.

As of midday Wednesday, 11 people have died from the coronavirus in the U.S, so far restricted to Washington State and California. There are at least 149 confirmed coronavirus cases across 13 states, including Wisconsin.

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