Dane Co. reports 2nd confirmed case of coronavirus

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Dane County has reported its second confirmed case of the coronavirus, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced Tuesday morning.

“As this is the second confirmed case of COVID-19 in Dane County, we have the experience in caring for patients in isolation and contacting those who may have been in contact with the patient," Janel Heinrich, Director of Public Health Madison and Dane County said.

It is the third COVID-19 case in the state overall.

Health officials say the individual was exposed to the deadly virus while traveling within the United States. The person is currently isolated at their home.

Officials are trying to identify everyone who has been in contact with the individual so they can be isolated or quarantined.

State health officials say they plan to hold a news conference on Tuesday where they plan to answer more questions.


The Department of Public Health for Madison and Dane County explained the patient developed symptoms shortly after their trip.

Following health officials recommendations, the patient first called their doctor's office - rather than simply going to the doctor - to report their symptoms. The individual was told to go to a Dean Medical Group Urgent Care location where the staff greeted the person wearing protective gear and moved them into isolation.

The agency assured the public that those steps limit the possible exposure to the staff and everyone in the community.

"While we have a new person with coronavirus, the risk for getting sick from coronavirus remains low in Dane County," Janel Heinrich, Director of Public Health Madison & Dane County said.

Health officials are reportedly checking in with the patient everyday while they are isolated.


Tuesday's announcement comes a day after DHS officials, along with their counterparts in Pierce Co., confirmed a case there.

The agency says that person also contracted it while they were traveling within the United States.

"We particularly advise people who are vulnerable with medical conditions to think twice about traveling at this time,"

The person, whose name has not been released, is currently isolated at home.


A school district in western Wisconsin has canceled classes and all school activities on Tuesday, March 10, because of coronavirus fears.

In a letter posted on their website, the School District of Osceola in Polk County said that someone “who attended the Destination Imagination event at Osceola High School on Saturday, March 7th has a confirmed case of COVID-19.”

Schools will be closed so crews can clean and disinfect the buildings.

“While the risk is considered low, we cannot know for sure that there is absolutely no risk," Superintendent Mark Luebker wrote in the letter.

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