Dementia care in the home, tips and resources

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Statistics show that sixty percent of people receiving home-care services are living with dementia.


Caregivers play a big role in providing those in-home services.

Experts say people living with dementia tend to want to stay in their own homes and retain as much independence as possible.

Lisa Wells, Dementia Care Specialist at the Aging and Disability Resource Center in Eau Claire, says if you are providing care for a family member living with dementia, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

She said says it's important to educate yourself when caring for somebody living with dementia. Wells said it’s best to learn about the type of dementia your loved one has and to get your legal and financial affairs in order.

“We have so many people that wait until there's a crisis and you can't make good decisions when you're in a crisis, so plan for the future,” said Wells.

She said THE DICE Approach can be helpful. DICE stands for describe, investigate, create, and evaluate.

She said a caregiver can describe what kind of behavior is happening, investigate why it is happening, create a plan on how to deal with the unmet need, and evaluate it.

She said the DICE Approach can help caregivers identify the causes of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, develop new skills, improve communication, reduce unplanned medical services and hospitalizations, and more.

Wells said more ways to help someone living with Dementia is to keep them active, to not socially isolate, exercise, eat right, and spend time doing meaningful activities.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center will be holding a Dementia 101 course on November 13th for those interested in learning more.

For a list of upcoming courses and educational opportunities, click here.