Democratic candidates for the 7th Congressional District debate ahead of special election

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- For the first time, the democratic candidates for the 7th Congressional District went head to head sharing their stance on a wide array of topics important to north central Wisconsin voters.

The live debate took place over the airwaves Thursday at Wisconsin Public Radio in Wausau with Shereen Siewert and Robin Washington moderating. Candidates were asked questions by moderators and listeners, each was given a minute to answer the same question and 30 seconds to follow up after the other candidate's response.

Lawrence Dale and Tricia Zunker are on the ballot for the special election for former Congressman Sean Duffy's seat after he resigned last fall. The election will take place Feb. 18. The republican candidates, Jason Church and Tom Tiffany will debate at Wisconsin Public Radio in the same format next week.

You can listen to the full debate by clicking here.

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