Doctors remind parents to also get back to school check-ups

Published: Aug. 26, 2016 at 5:25 PM CDT
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Back to school health for parents may mean check-ups for kids, but doctors are asking them not to forget about another important patient as well.

Mayo Clinic Health System says adult patients should take the time to get their annual check-up too.

Terri Nordin, M.D., says it’s great for parents to take their kids to get a yearly check-up but those kids “rely on their moms and dads to stay healthy all year long too. So, making sure, as parents, we visit the doctor and make sure our health is optimized is a really good strategy to keep your kids healthy too.”

As a mom of two, with a third on the way, Justina Anderson from Tomah knows the importance of staying healthy, just to keep up.

“If you feel sick and not up to it you're not going to be able to be 100-percent for your kids,” said Anderson.

However, as a mother and teacher, Anderson says the focus often rests on the health of her children and students.

Anderson explained, “There's so much emphasis on being in school every day now and how important it is now. There's so much the kids learn, you want them to be there and be an active participant in the classroom and they’re only going to if they’re healthy, awake, well fed, and ready for the day.”

Nordin recommends parents come in for about an hour long check-up at least once a year depending on their health needs.

“The fall is often a kick start for many people who like to start new healthy activities or turn a new leaf, literally, in the fall to be more healthy this year than they were the year before,” said Nordin.

As an added benefit, Nordin says the results of consistent check-ups may even impact the health of families well into the future.

“If our children see us going to the doctor regularly for health maintenance exams it helps to reinforce that's why we do it for them,” she added. “It helps to teach that behavior so that they do that when they become adults.”

Nordin added that it is key to make sure kids are getting up-to-date vaccines as they'll be in closer proximity to other students.

She also says to make sure kids have updates on any dosages or additional medications they may need before heading back to the classroom.