Documents released regarding former Eau Claire County Undersheriff's administrative leave

Published: Apr. 25, 2017 at 9:26 PM CDT
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New information as an investigation report into Captain Dan Bresina with the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office shows his behavior toward a female Wisconsin Department of Justice employee was unwanted but not unlawful.

Bresina was placed on administrative leave in January and returned to work at the sheriff's office April 10th.

WEAU received the investigation documents Tuesday after filing an open records request earlier in April.

The county hired an independent, third-party investigator in response to the allegations Bresina may have violated policies in the Eau Claire County Employee Policy Manual.

The complainant reported to her supervisor that Bresina has been engaging in "unusual behavior" during Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) Committee activities dating back to January 2016.

That unusual and unwelcome behavior included providing her with his personal phone number, texting her, "hovering" and "following her around."

According to the investigation documents, Bresina was not aware anything he did or said was causing the complainant to be uncomfortable, and no indication regarding his behavior was ever made to him by the complainant or others.

The investigation found Bresina violated county policy by his communications and conduct in May and June 2016, but those allegations cannot be determined as unlawful harassment as defined by state and federal law.

In a written reprimand from Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer to Captain Dan Bresina, the sheriff said Bresina's actions were unprofessional and violate county policy.

Sheriff Cramer revoked Bresina's appointment as Undersheriff, and Bresina was laterally transferred from Field Services Captain to Jail Captain.

He will no longer participate in the EBDM Committee.

WEAU did reach out to Captain Bresina for comment. At this time, he declined to comment beyond what's included in the investigation documents.