Durand expolores ordinance for golf carts on city streets

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DURAND, Wis. (WEAU) -- There's currently no ordinance in place for driving a golf cart on the streets of Durand, but that may soon change.

Wednesday, a special meeting of the city's safety committee worked to get public input on the topic.

The initial plan was to allow only golf carts going to and from Rolling Greens Golf Course, but the committee was interested in hearing reasons for expanded use.

The council president says there's no intention of not allowing them, but merely to open the discussion on the issue.

"We've looked at somewhat of a safety issue, that people are riding carts that are not permitted, that they shouldn't be there. So let's get something in place that makes it okay. We have no intention of not allowing it. It's in what fashion," said Durand City Council President Mark Gilles.

Gilles referred to the Village of Pepin, which does have an ordinance on golf cart street use in place.

Passed in 2013, the Pepin ordinance includes how they can be driven on city streets as well as penalties for violating the ordinance.