EC Sheriff’s Dept. says man shocked trying to move portable light tower

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The Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department says a man was sent to a hospital after trying to move a light tower made contact with an overhead power line Sunday morning shocking him.

At 9:45 Sunday morning, the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office was called to the intersection of West Cameron Street and Kane Road in Eau Claire. They say a worker was trying to move a portable light tower when it contacted an overhead power line. When the light tower made contact with the power line, the man was electrocuted and the light tower caught fire. The worker was transported to Mayo Clinic Health System with unknown injuries.

The worker’s vehicle was parked close to the tower and eventually caught fire.

Once electrical power was disconnected, Township Fire personnel extinguished the fire.

Kane Road and Kameron Street were closed for about 2 hours until everything was cleaned up.