Eau Claire Fire and Rescue asking for help uncovering fire hydrants

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- If you realize a fire hydrant you're used to seeing is buried in snow, local fire departments are asking you to uncover it.

Eau Claire Fire and Rescue says buried hydrants are a hazard in this weather because departments rely on them when responding to a fire.
If a fire department can't find a hydrant right away, that delays firefighters' ability to fight the flames.

“What we're asking is that people adopt their fire hydrant. That in their community, around their home, they keep the fire hydrants clear. Hopefully, about 3 feet around the hydrants, with access around the street, so that when the fire department arrives and needs to use it they're able to access it quickly,” said Allyn Bertrang with Eau Claire Fire and Rescue.

Eau Claire Fire and Rescue says generally speaking there are hydrants on the corners of most intersections and firefighters are able to use maps, but help from community members is greatly appreciated.